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What Makes Boise Therapeutics Different...

At Boise Therapeutics you get much more than a quick consultation and rushed to the table for a shortened session. Each session I spend a few minutes to discuss with you in detail what your goals for coming in are and you still get the full time. So instead of only getting 50 minutes on the table you get the full 60 + the additional time for our consultation.

Your first session includes additional time (about 5 minutes) for you to receive:


  • In-Depth Consultation: I want to be informed and dive deep into why you are here, what are your pain patterns are and your daily habits that may be contributing to them. This helps me to know exactly what you need from me, pin point what session (or combo of) is best for you. I am trained in over 30 styles of massage and bodywork and some may not fit well to your needs. We will also go over any paperwork details if necessary.

  • Thorough Assessment: This is a hands on mini session where we check your balance and range of motion. This gives us a starting point to move forward from without taking time away from your scheduled session.

  • Plan of Action: Once we have discussed your needs, zeroed in on what needs to be focused on and you see how everything comes together, you will be able to tell if my work is a fit for you (not every therapist is a fit for everyone).

From there we carve out a plan together to achieve your goals and most importantly how to make them last.

Styles of Bodywork Offered

Sessions at Boise Therapeutics are fully customized to each person. After 15+ years in practice and getting continuing education yearly you tend to learn a LOT of styles of massage and bodywork. I have figured out my own "style"  by blending them as needed on an intuitive level. This helps me to specialize in what I do, because what works for one person may not work as well for another. Learn more about what different sessions I offer and how they can help below.


Rates range from $45 up to $200 based on session length when paid at time of service.



for Chronic Pain,

 Discomfort, Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety

Whether you need a

focused session for one muscle group, or a 2-hour* in-depth full body revamp, I have you covered.



Taking deep pressure to the next level!

Perfect massage to assist in athletic recovery and for those who love deep pressure massage.

Hypnosis Relaxation Mindset Boise Garden City Massage


for Relaxation massage of the Subconscious Mind

Ideal for those who want to create change on a deeper level. Improve Habits, Sleep, Performance, Confidence and Overall Health and Wellness.

Telehealth Massage Hypnosis Virtual Online Boise Idaho


for Self Care, Partners Class or Hypnosis

Starting with your FREE consultation we discuss your goals and then design a session that is specific to your needs.

Medical Massage Boise Idaho


Prescribed Massage

By working closely with your medical team (doctor/chiropractor/pt,etc.) this session is based on the prescribed course of treatment for rehabilitation of specific injuries. 


Prescription and Consultation is required BEFORE your hands on session(s) can be scheduled. Otherwise it will be canceled without notice. 

 May include Heat/Ice Therapy if noted on prescription. Billed/Charged at **$45 per 15 minute increment.

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