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Scheduling Your Session:

I offer a real time on-line scheduling system. It is the simplest and fastest way to schedule your session. By using our real time scheduler you can see what availability is open and book the session you want when you want to book it! No more phone tag or waiting for an email or text response.  Simply choose the session you want and follow the prompts. Once scheduled an email confirmation with your appointment and office directions will be sent.

First Time Coming to Boise Advanced Therapeutics?

An intake form is emailed directly to you once you book your session. Client information and medical history is required to be on file. This is not only company policy but legally required for me to have on file. Be sure to fill that out immediately when you receive it. If you do not complete it BEFORE your appointment and choose to fill it out at the office it will cut into your table time.


All sessions include a few minutes to discuss your goals for the session. However your first session we do include an assessment portion so know that you will get an additional 5-10 minutes added to your session. Don't worry you still get the full table time as well. Even if you don’t have a specific problem area – we all have goals, and we want to take the time to honor your individual needs, and have the time to get to know you. Trust us, it’ll help you relax more if we have a conversation first.

Your Initial Visit includes:

  • In-depth consultation – I want to get to know all about your needs, pain patterns, and really dive deep so we know from the get-go exactly what you need, as well as find out what style of Massage will be best for you.

  • Preliminary bodywork – I will assess and provide initial relief for the area(s) of focus. I am really thorough, so 60 minutes is good for one area, and 90 is generally good for two. You’ll be able to select how many focus areas you want worked on when you book.

  • A game plan – Once you’ve felt what I do, you’ll be able to tell if it will work for you. From there, we carve out a plan to achieve your specific goals, and make them last! (That’s the important part.)


If using a gift certificate or voucher select Pay at Time of Service and bring your GC or Voucher with you. Payments, Policies and Procedure details available on our FAQ & POLICIES page.

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