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What is Ashiatsu & Barefoot Massage?

Barefoot Massage, has been traced back to thousands of years in many countries and cultures, including India, Japan, Fiji, the Philippines, and the US, to name a few. Some differences between these types of barefoot bodywork are the support and balance methods the therapists use: rope(s) or cable(s) suspended from the ceiling or walls, single or multiple bars mounted to the ceiling, bamboo rod/staff or even chairs as some barefoot massage is performed with the client on a mat on the floor.


Ashiatsu itself is a generic name for a type of barefoot massage where the massage therapist uses their feet to provide deep compression, gliding strokes, and assisted stretches (ROM). Massage has been around for centuries, but most people think about massage being performed with the hands, not the feet.

So what is a typical session like, and is it sanitary?

Most clients don't realize I am using my feet. I am told over and over again by clients of how it feels like larger hands are working on them. As your session begins, you may rest assured that my feet are cleaned and sanitized before I step up onto the table. There are two parallel Ashiatsu bars mounted above the massage table to help me with support and balance. I may use one or two feet while I work and I may or may not choose to do part of the massage with my feet. I save my hands for the more intricate parts of the body like the face, front of the neck, and abdomen.

Fijian sessions are done fully clothed so arrive in something comfortable to relax in. tank top, t-shirt and shorts or sweats are suitable for this session.


As a trained Barefoot Massage Therapist I can safely use my feet on just about anybody, age, or size. All sessions are completely customized and you are always welcome to receive our therapeutic sessions traditionally if after we begin you decide Barefoot Massage isn't for you.

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