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What is Cupping Therapy?

The basic principal of cupping therapy in a massage setting is to utilize the negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues rather than compressing it. At Boise Therapeutics I have gone BEYOND the basic Cupping training and am able to get better results for my clients!


By offering NeuromDynamic Cupping Therapy (NDCT), I not only focus on opening and expanding the tissues of the body but I also focus on correcting pain and dysfunction by treating trigger points, muscle adhesion's, and the fascial (connective) tissue patterns. Sessions are set up to focus on specific areas to start. Our suggested focus session times are: 

  • 60 Minutes is good to focus on ONE area

  • 75/90 Minutes is great to focus on TWO areas

  • 120 Minutes (2Hours) is fantastic to focus on THREE areas OR a whole body session.

Once we get the focused areas to relax we can always switch up the session to incorporate cupping as a spot treatment rather than the focused treatment.

There are also many different types of cups and different ways to administer them. Glass cups use heat from a flame to create the suction, while plastic cups use a pump and silicone cups can be squeezed and set on the skin to create suction. I am highly trained in all 3 of these methods (I even teach other massage therapists on how to do cupping); however I prefer to use the silicone cups. They are the most versatile as they can move and glide over bony attachments with out causing pain. Silicone cups also come in many shapes and sizes where glass and plastic are limited.

Is Cupping Therapy Safe?


A well trained therapist is aware of medical conditions and medications that may be contraindicated for massage. Meaning, depending on your health history you may or may not be able to have cups used on you or the therapist may have to work with the cups differently. For example if you are on blood thinners I would work with a lighter suction and move the cups throughout the session versus someone not on blood thinners I could let cups sit in a certain spot if it was necessary.


Cups are considered a medical instrument and are disinfected/sterilized as such. For this reason I have many sets of silicone cups to ensure each client gets clean and properly disinfected/sterilized cups in the session. After each session the used cups are then put in a designated bin to be washed and disinfected at the end of the day.  They are washed with soap and warm water, dried then they soak in a high level medical grade solution to ensure they are disinfected/sterilized properly. 

What if Cupping Therapy Isn't for Me?


All sessions are completely customized and you are always welcome to receive our therapeutic sessions without Cupping. 

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