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Are you suffering from headaches, migraines, TMJ or pain in the neck from stress or a whiplash injury? Then you are in the right place! Jessica specializes in pain relief, injury rehabilitation and medical massage. She offers high quality  sessions with an intuitive touch.


Jessica is a licensed massage therapist, Certified Reiki practitioner, certified auto accident specialist and owner of Avani Massage. Practicing since 2005, she has many years of experience and has continued her education to keep up with the latest techniques.


Massage, Reiki and other types of Energy Work can be profoundly relaxing as well as relieve chronic pain and tension. Our massage therapists are highly skilled and licensed and each session is custom blended using different modalities of massage and pressure based on your needs and goals so you are sure to leave feeling great!


For fastest response sche

Rates reflect payment made at time of service, and only ethical therapeutic massage is offered.

*Discounted or **Package rates available for direct purchase only. Aditional services, discount's, coupon's, gift certificates and package rates not available to bill/use insurance and must be paid for separately.

15 Minutes: $25   30 Minutes: $50   45 Minutes: $75   60 Minutes: $100   75 Minutes: 125   90 Minutes: $150

Get 10% off when you purchase a 5 pack of sessions!

Focused Massage

Ideal session for those with headaches, migraines, TMJ, Neck Pain/Strain and whiplash or other specific areas you wish to focus on. Often the physical culprit is a muscular imbalance brought on by an injury, stress, poor posture, or too much time sitting. By incorporating specific advanced massage therapy techniques of both eastern and western paradigms, flexibility stretching, and home care to help decrease the causes of most pain patterns. 

Ideal to wear Loose Comfortable clothing or Exercise type clothes (Tank Top, Sports Bra, Shorts, Yoga Wear, etc.) for this session.

Wellness Massage

By blending various techniques such as relaxing Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology along with various pressures you are sure to leave feeling great... **Wellness Packages also Available!!



Couples Massage

Massage for Two also available! 

Couples, friends or family members all benefit from the therapeutic results of massage while experiencing relaxation and rejuvenation together, side by side in the same treatment room or Separate Treatment Rooms if Available. Price is the same as a single session, just doubled.

Please email us to reserve your session. Include the date and time you prefer and we will check availability.

Reiki & Energy Balance
Loose Comfortable clothing or Exercise type clothes (Tank Top, Shorts, Yoga Wear, etc.) required for this session

Enjoy an innovative treatment that focuses on the chakra centers using a variety of techniques. This treatment features aromatherapy, a reflexology foot massage, and a blend of Reiki and chakra energy work. Some benefits of this treatment include relaxation, stress/anxiety relief, decreased muscular pain/tension and increased energy.


Can also be blended into or added as an addition to any massage session!

Youth Massage Ages 12-17
Teens love massage, too! Learning to take care of one’s body and mind is the best lesson you can teach a child and massage can play a big role in that process. Massage is a great gift for the active (or stressed out) young person in your life.e.

(Children must be accompanied by an adult and loose clothing, yoga or gym type clothes are recommended for this session.)

Sole Massage

Give your feet a rest with our signature foot massage! This session is deeply relaxing and therapeutic for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or even everyday work and play. We incorporate warm towels, essential oils (optional) and blend several techniques into each session to the foot, ankle and calf helping to relieve pain and stress, while reducing fatigue and improve general well-being. Great for overall relaxation without having to get undressed for a body massage.

Injured in an Auto Accident?

We are sorry to hear of your accident and are hear to help make your journey a little easier...

For those injured in an auto accident who wish to utilize their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefit you must schedule a consultation with us BEFORE any massage appointments are scheduled. This allows us time to go over your case, collect necessary documents and discuss the differences between prescribed massage vs. general massage. Schedule your FREE consultation and body assessment and lets see what we can do for you.

Pregnancy Massage




We now recommend the specialists at SLC Prenatal to all of our pregnant clients. Visit their website to learn more, to schedule your session and let them know we sent you!

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